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  • Laila at the EKKA 2016

  • Laila EKKA 2016

Rosey-- Laila---Freya

Lemardem Kevins Law stud dog we use

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Laila Red Cloud

  • Oasis Tawhiao (NZ IMP) being shown

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Our NZ Import Oasis Tawhiao

Money & Rosey



French Bulldogs are intelligent, affectionate and make a great companion.

When looking at French Bulldog puppies for sale be sure you buy from a reputable breeder.

Parents of the pups should  have there own DNA certificate listing any Genetic Diseases. Carriers are ok but must always be bred to a clear/normal dog,

dogs that are affected should not be bred with.

We use Orivet Genetic 



Be sure your pup has been vet checked ---- vaccinated ----- microchipped ----and has pedigree papers either Limited which means not for breeding or showing (PET ONLY) 


Main Papers are for breeding or Showing. 

All pups are required by law to be registered with AKNC or which ever state You live in.

Email for more info


Ph 0423346347



Oasis Tawhiao

Rosey import from NZ

Money our new import from NZ

Oasis Lemardem Rose (NZ Imp)